Beanscene Music and Coffee Houses

Beanscene Reaches Milestone With Same-Day Openings in Ayr and Edinburgh

Beanscene’s plans to create a national network of stores throughout the length and breadth of Scotland are set to reach a significant milestone when, for the first time, the coffee and music house chain will open new stores on the east and the west coasts of Scotland on the very same day - Wednesday 8th March 2006. That the up-and-coming chain is opening two new stores - at Ayr town centre and Edinburgh Quay - on the very same day is testament to both the appeal of its unique blend of coffee and music and the rapid pace of its expansion.

Whilst the Ayr Beanscene is situated at Alloway Place, a short walk from both the esplanade and the town centre, the Edinburgh Quay Beanscene is located in the heart of a landmark £60 million mixed-use scheme at Fountainbridge, Edinburgh that has been voted the Best Regeneration project in Scotland. Both stores feature an extensive continental-style outside eating area. Gordon Richardson, Beanscene CEO, said, ‘These same-day openings signal just how far Beanscene has come in such a short space of time and mark the start of a period of swift geographic development throughout the neighbourhoods of Scotland’s towns and cities. We’re looking forward to welcoming new customers to Beanscene at both Ayr and Edinburgh on Wednesday 8th March.’

Evoking the coffee culture promoted through the coffee houses of ‘60’s Soho, London, Greenwich Village, NYC and the Italian quarter of San Francisco, Beanscene offers a simple, loungy and highly customer focused environment which is both cool and accessible. Beanscene offers a broad selection of coffees, soft drinks and accompanying muffins, baguettes, sandwiches and pastries and its food offering extends to soups, salads, vegan stews, tapas, pizza and paella available all day - with healthy options for kids. Founded in 2000, Beanscene has since evolved into a broader-based lifestyle business targeted at 25-50 year olds whilst remaining true to its original ethos. This evolution has been achieved through the launch of record label Luna and a regular schedule of live acoustic in-store performances. ‘What sets Beanscene apart from all the other coffee houses and music retailers out there is that we bring our passion for music and the constant pursuit of the ultimate caffeine kick together at each and every store,’ said Richardson. Beanscene is set to double its stores in Scotland from 10 to 20 over the next 12 months and, following the launch of new stores in Ayr and Edinburgh Quay, will go on-site later this month at both Haymarket, Edinburgh and at the Nethergate, Dundee.